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VIDEO: Monster King Salmon Caught in Patagonia

The Patagonia regions of Argentina and Chile boast some of the most magical fisheries on Earth. This video from Glaciers National Park in Southwest Argentina (not to be confused with Glacier National Park in the US/CA) documents the catch and release of one of the largest king salmon you'll ever see. The video begins with angler Ricardo Schuch recounting how earlier that morning he caught a "massive" fish ... after watching the video I think that might a little bit of an understatement. 

One of the craziest parts about this short video is that the fish is so large, it hardly fits in the river. Around the 15 second mark you can actually spot it swimming upstream from across the bank with its back sticking right out of the water. According to the film, this fish measured out at 135 cm - that's almost 4 and a half feet long.

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Monster King Salmon / Ricardo Schuch testimonial from Solid Adventures.


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