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Video: Striped Bass Feeding Frenzy

Here's one from the Cheeky archives. One early summer morning back in 2011, Cheeky co-founder Pete Crommett and friends were striper fishing in Casco Bay, ME when the water beside their boat erupted into pure chaos. Seconds after Pete reeled in a solid bass, an entire school of stripers exploded onto the surface in savage pursuit of herring and silver sides. A blitz nearly 50 yards in diameter wrecked havoc for several minutes before finally subsiding. 

Striped bass feeding frenzies are, without a doubt, one of the coolest sights in fishing. Rare moments like this are what keep anglers up at night and drive us to rise at obscene hours in the morning. It's what we name our children, pets, heck - even this blog after. In essence, moments like this are why we fish... Now, who else can't wait for summer?

Also, as one YouTube commenter accurately points out - what was the cameraman doing during all of this?