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VIDEO: Trout of Steel

"Lake Iliama is the geographic center of the best rainbow trout fishing in the world," says Cory Luoma in Trout of Steel's opening seconds, and by the time this 5-minute film is over, it's hard to do anything but agree with him.

"Trout of Steel" from Fly Out Media tells the story of a one-of-a-kind rainbow trout fishery in the Kivichak River in Southwest Alaska. Thousands of miles of pristine water and the largest sockeye salmon migration in the world combine to create the perfect ecosystem for a thriving rainbow trout population. These rainbows aren't just big (pushing 32"), they're nasty. The way these fish rip into your backing in a matter of seconds and leap 5-6ft into the air is enough to make the most seasoned trout angler weak at the knees.

For big, mean rainbows like these, it's important to have the right fly reel for the job. Your fly reel needs to have the power to halt a 30" running rainbow, the retrieval rate to stay tight when it charges the boat, and be light enough to cast all day. The Cheeky Boost 350 Fly Reel is built specifically for the meanest freshwater fish you'll encounter. At 3.5" in diameter and weighing just 5.1oz, the Boost 350 will help you land more fish.

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Trout of Steel | Short Film from Alaska Sportsman's Lodge.