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WATCH: Fly Fishing For Milkfish In The Indian Ocean

Jacko Lucas, or "Capt. Jack" as he's known on the web, has a unique talent for fly fishing videos. From GT's to taimen, we've posted his fair share right here on The Blitz, but his brand new trailer for "Chanos Chanos" is one of the coolest - mainly because these fish are just downright crazy. 

Chanos Chanos is the scientific name for milkfish, and if you're not familiar with the species you're not alone. They live in the Indian and Pacific Ocean, and until recently, were not targets for fly rodders. I can only imagine what happened when the first un-expecting angler hooked a milkfish and all Hell broke loose. From their tube-like shape to their forked tail fin, these fish are built for speed. One guy in the video estimates he was completely spooled in a matter of 6 seconds ... let that sink in for a second. 

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Chanos Chanos from Capt Jack Productions.