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WATCH: Shark Feeding Frenzy Off Hamptons, NY

For many saltwater anglers on the east coast, the arrival of peanut bunker is one of the most anticipated events of the summer. A favorite snack for bluefish and striped bass, good anglers will seek out schools of bunker and stay on them all day for a chance to hook up with a trophy blue or striper. Turns out, sharks are pretty good anglers as well. This insane video from The Hamptons, New York, documents one of the craziest feeding frenzies you'll ever see. 

In this footage - shot on an overhead drone - several sandbar and dusky sharks wreck havoc on a massive school of bunker. The birds-eye footage makes for some out-of-control shots of these sharks leaving wakes of destruction in their paths. Luckily for the thousands of tourists and vacationers that flock to The Hamptons every summer, these sharks are harmless for humans. Same can't be said for these bunker...