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WATCH: Team Cheeky Goes Pike Fishing With Harrison Brothers

Cheeky Ambassadors Dan and Tom Harrison are two of the top trout fly fishing guides in the country. After years guiding in Montana and Patagonia, the brothers relocated to Western Massachusetts and have spent the last 12 years introducing clients to world-class trout fishing less than 2 hours from Boston. Now, they're showing everyone that Western Mass has another freshwater trophy that can be caught on fly ... big northern pike. 
Team Cheeky hit the water with the Harrison Brothers this summer in search of these toothy freshwater predators on the fly. Equipped with the Limitless Limitless 375 Fly Reel and flies pushing 12", Team Cheeky brought several nice northerns to the boat, and had another monster that will no doubt haunt their fishing dreams for months to come...

Featured Reel: Limitless 375 Fly Reel

The Limitless 375 is perfect for northern pike fishing. A bombproof 5-7wt, the Limitless packs more than enough power to stop an angry northern, and at only 6.6oz, won't wear your arm out casting all day.

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