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We've Moved....But Not Far!

As of this past July, Cheeky Headquarters has officially relocated to North Adams in Western Massachusetts. Though we loved Boston and our surrounding support network, we now have plenty of room to continue growth and expansion in our new location.

Our office is now in the Norad Mill, an old mill that has recently been converted into work space, fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial community of local Berkshire-based business.

Speaking of which, the Berkshires has been a pleasure to explore for the Cheeky staff and conducive to living the life "on the fly". We need not travel far to test new products, or go on product shoots for our website and social media. The Berkshires and the nearby Green Mountains house healthy and pristine water, with world class fishing.

Though we are further from the salt, our connection remains strong. Our new Marketing and Service Associate, Isaac, has grown up on the ocean. And perhaps in a bit more exciting news, we are in the midst of significantly expanding the annual Cheeky Schoolie Tournament this year. Stay tuned for details, and if we don't see you beforehand, see you on the Cape!