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Pair your stripping basket with a Wingo Wading Belt

For inshore fly anglers, stripping baskets are more than an add-on, they're a necessity. Used to prevent tangles and keep excess fly line out of the water while fishing, stripping baskets can often be the difference between a successful day on the water, and a ruined fly line. 
I made this rookie mistake several summers ago when I headed to Cape Cod for a day of wade fishing for striped bass. We set up on a rocky jetty to fish the outgoing tide, but just a couple hours in my brand new $90 fly line (I had spooled it on the night before) was nicked, scuffed and practically unusable. Nearly every cast, my slack line was getting caught on a rock, my boots, or simply getting swept out in the tide. This, I realized, is why I needed a stripping basket.
Coastbusters, an online New England retailer, makes premium stripping baskets for inshore anglers. They're now offering a combo package for 2017 that includes one of their stripping baskets paired with a Wingo Belts Striped Bass Wading Belt, all at a special combo price. We can hardly think of a better match! Check them out at the Coastbusters website.
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