Cheeky Limitless 525 Fly Reel

Line Weight: 12-16

Targeted Species: Billfish, Shark, Tuna, Tarpon

If you’re crazy enough to target shark, tuna or billfish on the fly, then you’re on the right website. And guess what? We’re a little crazy too—crazy enough to design the Limitless 525, the ultimate big game fly reel designed specifically for the fiercest and largest fish on the plant.

Checking in at a MASSIVE 5.25” diameter, the Limitless 525 retrieves over 16” of line per revolution. The Limitless 525 utilizes beveled multi-axis machining and an integrated torque-dispersing reel foot to make the reel stronger without adding weight. Couple that with the tough, smooth, lockdown power of the fully sealed Gasket Drag System and you’ve found the ultimate blue water fly reel.


  • Fully sealed Gasket Drag System (Cheeky GDS)
  • Integrated torque-dispersing reel foot
  • Beveled machining increases strength w/o adding weight
  • Fully machined high-grade aluminum
  • Retrieve up to 16.5” of line per revolution
  • Lightweight design (12.8 oz)
  • MAX Arbor (5.25” diameter)
  • B2 Backing Channel for extra line capacity
  • Quick change spool and simple L/R retrieve conversion
  • Reel case included
  • Free shipping

Specs & Backing


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