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Spey Reels

Not all equipment out there is designed for Spey angling, and that’s especially true for reels. At Cheeky, we set out to solve this problem by designing, developing and bringing to market the ultimate Spey Reels. When you want to put a nail into a 2x4, you want a hammer... not a screwdriver. And when you’re casting big D-loops across the river, you want a fly reel designed specifically for a Spey casting. Added weight to balance longer rods, a modified spool design, and extra capacity for those Spey lines make our Spey reels the right tool for the job when your day involves the unique rhythm of Spey casting. If you’re swinging big flies on big water, the Thrash 475 Spey is your tool of choice. Dialing it back to smaller water, but don’t want to go single handed? The Mojo 425 Spey is the right Spey reel for you. Wherever your fishing takes you, count on Cheeky’s collection of Spey Reels to get the job done with ease.

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