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2016 Cheeky InstaBass Classic

Cheeky is excited to announce the first-annual Cheeky InstaBass Classic, a catch-and-release, photo-entry tournament for smallmouth bass. The first tournament of its kind, the Cheeky InstaBass Classic will be hosted exclusively on Instagram, and is open to anglers all over the world.


The 2016 Cheeky InstaBass Classic has ended!

Click here to read the official recap. 

Final Leaderboard:

 All Tackle Division

Fly Division

1st: Tom Hunt - 21.25" caught in Arizona

1st: Brian Hasty - 20.50" caught in Virginia

2nd: Cody Rubner - 21.00" caught in Maine

2nd: Daniel Zazworsky - 19.50" caught in Pennsylvania

3rd: Joel Anderson - 20.75" caught in Massachusetts

3rd: Cody Rubner - 18.00" caught in Maine

Daniel Zazworksy poses with a 19.50" bass caught on the fly in Pennsylvania.

Grand Prizes:

Grand Prizes will be awarded to the angler that catches and releases the largest smallmouth bass in each division. 

All Tackle Division:

Fly Fishing Division:

Weekly Winners:

In addition to the grand prizes that will be awarded at the completion of the tournament, there will also be 4 weekly winners, selected at random from each week's entries.

Week 1 - Why Knot Fishing Prize Pack. Winner: Sean H. from Michigan

Week 2 - Howler Bros Prize Pack. Winner: Marc M. from Illinois 

Week 3 - RepYourWater Prize Pack. Winner: Sarah T. from Maine

Week 4 - Wingo Belts Prize Pack. Winner: Augustus K. from Missouri


Thank you to everyone who participated this year, and congratulations to all the winners! Stay tuned for an official tournament recap later this week. 


The Cheeky InstaBass Classic's headlining sponsors are Costa Del Mar, Yeti Coolers and Oskar Blues Brewery. Proceeds from every tournament entry will help raise money for the Trout Unlimited 5 Rivers Program, a non-profit organization protecting our cold water fisheries by working with college students to help mold the next generation of conservation-minded anglers.

Tournament Information:

How the Cheeky InstaBass Classic works:

  • Tournament Fishing is Open September 1 - 30
    • Deadline to register is September 15
  • 2 Divisions:
    • All Tackle Division
    • Fly Division
  • Longest smallmouth bass (measure to the nearest 1/4 inch) in each divisions wins

    Official Rules & How to Enter a Fish:

    • Catch (and release) a smallmouth anywhere, no tournament boundaries!
    • Post a photo of your smallmouth bass on Instagram with Photo Puck clearly visible and Tape Measure inch marks legible. Measure from tip of the nose to tip of the tail. The entire smallmouth bass must be visible within the photo or it will not count
    • Use the hashtag #CheekyInstaBassClassic and write the length of your bass in the caption. For example: "21.25 inch smallmouth in the #CheekyInstaBassClassic!" (Entries qualifying for the leaderboard will be required to email high resolution photos to Cheeky Fishing for confirmation)
    • Instagram privacy settings MUST BE PUBLIC to be eligible
    • No limit on number of fish entries
    • Tie break: time of submission
    • Cheeky has full and complete discretion on all rules, fish measurement, fish submission, disqualification and final scoring. No exceptions


    Two Ways to Win:

    • Longest smallmouth bass in each division at the completion of the month wins, winner-take-all style, second place is just the first loser!
    • Weekly prize winners will be drawn at random from each week's entries. The more smallmouth you enter, the more chances you'll have to win!



    Thousands of dollars worth of fishing gear will be up for grabs, including:
    • Costa Del Mar Sunglasses galore
    • Yeti Cooler and Tumblers galore
    • Cheeky Fly Reels galore
    • Cheeky Spinning Reels galore
    • And much, much more from other top sponsors in the fishing industry! 

    Additional Information

    #KeepEmWet. Please be sure to follow these Keep Em Wet tips to protect our smallies.

    Honor Policy: Like all fishing tournaments, there is some element of honor policy to the Cheeky InstaBass Classic. We ask all participants to follow the rules and not cheat ... it's a simple request and doing your part ensures a fun and competitive tournament for all. If you submit someone else's fish, submit an incorrect measurement, or cheat in any way, you run the risk of being caught and banned from all Cheeky events for the remainder of your life. We will be monitoring for cheating.

    Why inches? In smallmouth bass fishing, inches are the great equalizer. We decided to score the Cheeky InstaBass Classic in inches rather than weight so that anglers all over the country will have a chance to land the largest smallie. Don't believe us? Consider this: the state record smallmouth caught in Texas is 23"... while the state record smallie landed in New Hampshire is 23.25". Whether you're in Maine, Georgia, Wisconsin or California, anyone can win the Cheeky InstaBass Classic. That's what makes this tournament unique!

    Why Instagram? For the Cheeky InstaBass Classic, we decided to cut out typical tournament barriers like travel, lodging, and headquarters locations, and design a low-cost, low-barrier to entry fishing tournament. Registration and entry is designed to encourage national participation. 



    Cheeky InstaBass Rules and Limitations: By participating in the Cheeky InstaBass Classic, participants agree to be bound by the rules and decisions of Cheeky Fishing as well as the website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By participating in the Cheeky InstaBass Classic and/or accepting prize(s), you agree to the Cheeky InstaBass Classic Waiver. Cheeky Fishing reserves the right to use participants’ content, photos, full names and email addresses for promotional purposes, however, this information will never be sold or distributed to third parties. Prizes are non-transferable and have no cash value. Participants may not submit the same fish in multiple divisions. Cheeky Fishing is not responsible for transit times of Tape Measures or Photo Pucks. Cheeky Fishing reserves the rights to update the Rules and Limitations from time to time as well as the rules and processes of the Cheeky InstaBass Classic. If you do not agree with these Cheeky InstaBass Classic Rules and Limitations, do not participate in the Cheeky InstaBass Classic.