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Cheeky Sticker Contest

Design a Cheeky sticker and win a Reel!

Cheeky is excited to kick off the all-new Cheeky Sticker Contest, a design contest where we're asking YOU to create a new Cheeky Fishing sticker.   

The rules are simple: design a new sticker, submit it to Cheeky Fishing and you could receive a Tyro or FLOTR Reel of your choice! The Cheeky Sticker Contest runs through November 18, and all entries should be emailed to The best submissions will be posted on Cheeky's Facebook and Instagram accounts on a rolling basis, and the winner will be determined by Cheeky Fishing with the help of our social media followers.


    • Submit your designs to
    • No limit on number of entries
    • Deadline to enter is November 18
    • Be creative, follow the image requirements (below), and most importantly - have fun with it!

    Design Requirements:

      • Designs must either meet a minimum of 300 dpi OR be a vector file in PDF format
      • Designs can be any shape and size, and can be full color
      • If you are unable to meet these requirements, you can still submit a design. If you win, we will work with you to properly format your submission

      Submit Your Design

      How to Win:

        • The best designs will be posted on Cheeky's Facebook and Instagram accounts
        • The winner will be determined by Cheeky Fishing, with the help of our followers on social media
        • The winner will receive a Tyro Fly Reel or FLOTR Spinning Reel of their choice!


      Cheeky Sticker Contest Rules and Limitations: By participating in the Cheeky Sticker Contest, participants agree to be bound by the rules and decisions of Cheeky Fishing as well as the website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By participating in the Cheeky Sticker Contest and/or accepting prize(s), you agree that Cheeky Fishing, and its owners, employees, investors, agents and affiliates, are not liable for any damages or injury arising out of the Cheeky Sticker Contest. Cheeky Fishing reserves the right to use participants’ content, designs, photos, full names and email addresses for promotional purposes. In addition, if you participate in the Cheeky Sticker Contest and/or submit a sticker design to Cheeky Fishing, you agree that Cheeky Fishing retains the ownership rights of that design and may use it for any purpose, including for placement on product for sale. Prizes are non-transferable. Cheeky Fishing reserves the right to update the Rules and Limitations from time to time as well as the rules and processes of the Cheeky Sticker Contest. If you do not agree with these Cheeky Sticker Contest Rules and Limitations, please do not participate in the Cheeky Sticker Contest.