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Cheeky Schoolie Tournament

The world's largest fly fishing only tournament


Registration for the 2019 Cheeky Schoolie Tournament is sold out.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in May for another epic year.

2019 Tournament Info:

The 2019 Cheeky Schoolie Tournament will be held Saturday, May 18th on Cape Cod, MA. There will be a Costa Del Mar pre-party held the evening of Friday, May 17th.


The 8th annual Cheeky Schoolie Tournament is a low barrier to entry, grass roots style event designed to encourage the interest and growth of saltwater fly fishing and to welcome our hard working schoolie stripers to their summer vacation home on Cape Cod, MA. The 2019 Tournament will mark the 8th year for the annual event, which has become the world's largest fly fishing tournament.


Cheeky Fishing is teaming up with the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) and other sponsors to donate at least $5,000 to Stripers Forever, a nonprofit dedicated to striped bass conservation, during the 2019 Cheeky Schoolie Tournament. 

Cheeky and AFFTA have each agreed to donate $1 for every 5 inches of striped bass caught, released, and recorded at this year's tournament, up to $2,500 from each organization. Other sponsors will be chipping in as well in an effort to donate as much as possible. All of the money will be donated to Stripers Forever and the conservation of wild striped bass.

The Cheeky Schoolie Tournament is about the fish.  This is a Catch and Release only tournament, and proper fish handling during a release is of paramount importance.  This year, Cheeky Fishing has partnered with KeepEmWet Fishing to conduct a best practices seminar for catching and releasing fish during the event.  Each Captain's Bag will also contain a quick tips guide.  Read more here from KeepEmWet to learn how to increase the chances of your fish being released safely and greatly reduce the chance of mortality. Please handle and measure all fish using these guidelines!  As a reminder, you will not be allowed to measure fish under 15".  



5:00pm - 7:00pm: West Dennis Beach

Kismet Outfitters Women's Meetup. Cheeky Ambassador Abbie Schuster of Kismet Outfitters will be hosting the 3rd Annual Women's Only Schoolie Tournament Meetup on Friday before the tourney kicks off. The Women's Meetup will include casting lessons, practice, knot tying, and tournament strategies. Equipment can be provided and the event is free! Please RSVP to

7:00pm - 10:00pm: Swan River Restaurant, Dennis Port, MA

Costa Del Mar Kick Off Party. Costa Del Mar and Cheeky Fishing have teamed up to host a Friday night party to kick off the 2019 Cheeky Schoolie Tournament. The party begins at 7:00pm at the Swan River Restaurant and all tournament participants and friends/family are encouraged to join for a night of food, beverage, music and prizes. (Divulge tourney tips at your own risk).


5:00am - 6:00am: West Dennis Beach Parking Lot

Captain's Meeting: All teams are required to check-in at the West Dennis Beach Parking Lot in Dennis, MA to receive a Captain's Bag, Tournament Tape Measure and Photo Puck (both team members must be present). Teams will not be eligible to enter scores unless they have checked in. There will be a mandatory and brief Captain's Meeting at 6:00am sharp, after which teams may leave the parking lot and begin fishing.

6:00am - 2:30pm: Anywhere on Cape Cod

Tournament open: No fishing before 6:00am or after 2:30pm.

1:00pm: Hardings Beach Parking Lot

KeepEmWet Tips and Free PIZZA: New to the schedule for 2019, Cheeky Fishing has partnered with KeepEmWet Fishing to bring you a tips and best practices gathering during the tourney!  By 1pm, the tides have turned (literally) for many participants' hopes of catching the big one.  So make use of the final hours of the event and join KeepEmWet Fishing scientists Sascha Clark Danylchuk and Andy Danylchuk as they provide live instruction for safe handling, measurement, and photography when catching and releasing fish.  This is a low key, live fishing gathering/event, and an opportunity to learn something new about our precious striped bass resources.  Pizza will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Keep an eye out for the KeepEmWet Fishing tent setup!

2:00pm - 5:00pm: Swan River Restaurant, Dennis Port, MA

Scorecard Submission: All teams must report back to Swan River Restaurant prior to 2:30pm to submit an eligible scorecard. You will not be able to get a scorecard after 2:30pm. No exceptions.

Award Ceremony and Raffle: Thousands of dollars in prizes will be handed out to the top three teams and winners of other prize categories. There will also be a raffle for all tournament participants with chances to win reels, rods, gear and more.


Teams of two, must stay together

Shore/wade fly fishing only. No boats, motors, paddles, flippers, ladders, swimming, etc. Two feet on the ground!

Catch and photo release only

Team with the most total inches wins (top four striped bass)

Boundaries: Anywhere on Cape Cod

Must check in at Captain's Meeting. No fishing before 6:00am.

Paper Scorecard by 2:30pm.  Same as year's past, they are available at Swan River up until 2:30pm and then are permanently removed at 2:30pm.  No exceptions.

NEW: Electronic Scorecard option.  A link will be emailed to all participants during the tournament (around lunchtime).  You may submit from anywhere in bounds on Cape Cod where you have internet access, BUT YOU MUST SUBMIT ELECTRONIC SCORECARD BY 2:00PM.   1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams are required by rule to show photo evidence of their score.  If this is you, you must be present at Awards Ceremony by 3:00pm to show evidence or your score is disqualified.  

Must complete, sign and submit a Tournament Waiver

Must be compliant with all Massachusetts rules, laws, and regulations, including obtaining a saltwater fishing permit


Each team may enter up to four fish

All measurements must be in inches (to the quarter of an inch) and be measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. No tail squeezing.

IMPORTANT: In the interest of a fast and healthy release for the little ones, no fish under 15" can be entered for a score. If you believe your fish is too small to enter/measure, please release it quickly so it can grow. You'll catch it next year!

Tie Break: Longest fish; 2nd Tie Break: 2nd Longest fish; 3rd Tie Break: 3rd Longest fish. 4th Tie Break: 4th Longest fish. 5th Tie Break: Time of submission

The top three teams will be required to show photos of their fish

Fish must be photographed alongside official Tournament Tape Measure and Photo Puck

Tape measure inch marks must be legible in photograph or fish will be disqualified

Cheeky has full discretion on all rules, fish measurement, fish submission, photo quality, disqualification and final scoring. No exceptions. All decisions made by Cheeky Fishing are final.


    Over $20,000 in prizes will be up for grabs! 

    1st Place: A prize pack worth over $5,000 including: $500 cash; 2 Cheeky Limitless Fly Reels; 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses; 2 Patagonia Stormfront Packs; 2 YETI Coolers; 2 Thomas & Thomas Exocett Fly Rods; 2 Scientific Anglers Sonar Fly Lines; 2 Fishpond Castaway Roll-Top Bags; 2 Pairs Korkers Wading Boots; 2 Wingo Belts

    2nd Place: A prize pack worth over $2,500 including: $250 cash; 2 Cheeky Boost Fly Reels; 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses; 2 Patagonia Stormfront Slings; 2 YETI Flip Soft Coolers; 2 Scientific Anglers Sonar Fly Lines; 2 Fishpond Ice Storm Bags; 2 Pairs Korkers Wading Boots; 2 Wingo Belts

    3rd Place: A prize pack worth over $1,500 including: $100 cash; 2 Cheeky Tyro Fly Reels; 2 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses; 2 Patagonia Stormfront Hip Packs; 2 YETI Flip Soft Coolers; 2 Scientific Anglers Sonar Fly Lines; 2 Fishpond Whitewater Dry Bags; 2 Korkers Canyon Wader Bags; 2 Wingo Belts


    Other Grand Prize Categories:

    Costa Del Mar Best of the Rest Prize. 2 Pairs Costa Sunglasses (1 lowlight, 1 bright), 2 Costa Hats, 2 Costa Beach Towels. Awarded to the individual catching the largest striped bass and NOT also placing in the top three of the tournament. The intent of this prize is to reward an angler for catching a large striper who won’t already be decked out with other prizes for placing on the podium in the tournament.

    Patagonia 7-League Boot Award. Patagonia has partnered with Danner to build the ultimate wading boots. In the spirit of that collaboration, 1 pair of Patagonia River Salt Wading Boots built by Danner will be awarded to the individual who walks/hikes the furthest in miles during the open hours of the tournament AND enters at least one measurable fish (15"+) in the tourney. To enter, download the Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker app. Start a “workout” (for best results set it to Walk) and record your on foot mileage only. Be sure to pause it anytime you’re in the car or not otherwise under your own power walking/hiking. When you’re done, save your “workout” for review. Most miles wins and you must have at least ONE measurable fish entered to be eligible. The spirit of this award is to see who walks/hikes the furthest—no cheating and honesty policy applies.

    Fishpond Beach Cleanup Award. Two Thunderhead Submersible Packs. Awarded to the TEAM cleaning up and properly disposing of the oddest piece of trash/plastic from the shoreline. Enter by submitting a picture of your cleanup effort on social media and tagging @FishpondUSA @CheekyFishing #CheekySchoolieTourney. It’s this year’s version of the Social Media Award … we might as well all do some good while we’re out there! Winner picked by Cheeky staff.

    Team Skunk Award. Assorted prizes that will help you catch fish next year! All teams that submit a zero fish score card will be eligible. Winning team will be drawn at random.


    For those of you coming in from out of town, here are a few nearby lodging options:

    2019 SPONSORS: