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Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide

Ted (CEO)

Limitless 475 

When you live in rural Western, MA, and your staff pick is the 10-12 weight Limitless 475, that means you’ve got a saltwater trip on the mind! 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, so I’m picking the Limitless 475 with hopes that 2021 will bring back some normalcy, and if you’re lucky enough, some fishing travel on the calendar. The beefy drag and insane line pickup of the Limitless 475 will help you tame tarpon, permit, and any other big saltwater fish you’re dreaming of targeting again in 2021. Cheers to a new year!

Peter (CMO)

550 Pliers 

I fish a variety of different water and species so I love the versatility of the 550 pliers. They are delicate enough to remove a size 18 adams from a cutthroat or brown trout, but can handle stripers, bonefish or redfish. I take them everywhere and with HSS cutters I don't even carry nippers anymore. At $89 they make an awesome gift!

Zach (Marketing)

Launch 350

The Launch 350 is a reel that I just can't leave behind. I remember testing this reel from November through January before we released the Launch series. This reel performed FLAWLESSLY through the harsh conditions of a New England winter. That's when I knew this was my new go to trout reel. If you are looking for a reliable reel in that sweet spot of $200-$250, this is the reel you need to add to your arsenal.


Thomas (Marketing)

Limitless 425 

The Limitless 425 is an absolute workhorse, plain and simple.  I’ve used that reel on more species than I can count — salmon, tarpon, striped bass, giant pike and musky, redfish, bonefish, big old brown trout, you name it.  It’s got great latitude in terms of line size (everything from 7wt to 10wt), the drag has excellent dispersion and strength, and I have complete peace of mind when using it.  I picked up my first one just around 4.5 years ago and its still performing flawlessly.  Never had an issue and don’t feel like I ever will.


Matt (Fulfillment)


Limitless 375

The Limitless 375 is my go-to reel here in the Northeast. From delicately presenting dries on my 5wt to stripping streamers on a 7wt, this reel can do it all with exceptional line pickup. It withstood the test of the unforgiving cold all winter long and gave me the confidence to fish longer and harder on the days with the toughest conditions. This reel is a must-have in my arsenal on every single trip I take. 


Scott (Sales Director)


Launch 325

When the calendar doesn’t allow for trips to faraway destinations, reconnecting to Appalachian blue lines is my go-to outing.  Nothing better for small trout on light lines than the Launch 325.  It provides great balance for light rods and the smooth drag helps protect 6x tippet.  And when that old, grizzled 14” monster brookie takes you deep into the biggest pool on the creek, the Launch is the perfect tool to coax him out.