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TU 5 Rivers - Cheeky Schoolie Tournament

The world's largest fly-fishing-only tournament




The 2021 Cheeky Schoolie Tournament will be held Saturday, May 22nd  on Cape Cod. 



Registration for the 2021 Cheeky Schoolie Tournament is now open.  To register, you MUST complete ALL 3 steps below. Anyone who has not completed all 3 steps will not be registered. 

3 Step Waitlist Process:
  1. Complete Your Registration Form (One form required per team)
  2. Submit Your Tournament Entry Fee ($75 per person/$150 per team)
  3. Sign & Email Your Tournament Waiver to (Must be signed & submitted by each individual participant)

Every team that completes the three steps to register will receive an email confirmation confirming their spot within one business day. Thank you for your patience.




The 10th annual Cheeky Schoolie Tournament is a low barrier to entry, grass roots style event designed to encourage the interest and growth of saltwater fly fishing and to welcome our hard working schoolie stripers to their summer vacation home on Cape Cod, MA. The 2021 Tournament will mark the 10th year for the annual event, which has become the world's largest fly fishing tournament.


The Cheeky Schoolie Tournament is about the fish. This is a Catch and Release only tournament, and proper fish handling during a release is of paramount importance. Cheeky Fishing partners with KeepEmWet Fishing to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn more about best practices for catching and releasing fish. We’re excited to expand on this partnership in 2021.

In addition, it was our great privilege to donate $15,610 from last year’s event to Stripers Forever, a nonprofit dedicated to striped bass conservation. We’re hoping to go even bigger this coming year! 


  • Teams of two, must stay together
  • Shore/wade fly fishing only. No boats, motors, paddles, flippers, swimming, etc. Two feet on the ground!
  • Catch and photo release only
  • Team with the most total inches wins
  • Boundaries: Anywhere on Cape Cod
  • Must complete, sign and submit a Tournament Waiver 


Last year, we gave away over $25,000 in prizes! A full list of prizes will be published closer to the tournament.


Miss the 2020 Schoolie Tournament? See what you missed here!




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