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Boost 350 Fly Fishing Reel
Boost 350 Fly Fishing Reel
Boost 350 Fly Reel
Boost 350 Fly Fishing Reel Spool
Boost 350 Fly Reel Top

Boost 350 Fly Reel

High end performance meets affordability in this award winning fly reel.

$ 219.00

Line Weight: 5-6

Targeted Species: Large Trout, Bass, Small Salmon

What’s the only thing better than an affordable fly reel that performs like a high end reel? The fish you’ll be landing with it. The award winning Boost Series is the perfect balance of high-end features, quality, specs and style that’s still easy on your wallet.

Weighing just 5.1 oz, the 3.5” diameter Boost 350 is light enough to cast all day while still delivering the line capacity, retrieval rate and power you need. Ideal for river, pond and lake applications, this fly reel will stop any freshwater lunker that dares to put it to the test.

  • Rev Carbon Drag System
  • MAX Arbor (3.5” diameter)
  • Lightweight Design (5.1 oz)
  • Retrieve up to 11” of Line per Revolution
  • Quick Change Spool
  • Simple L/R Retrieve Conversion
  • Silent Retrieve
  • Reel Case Included


"Cheeky's 5.1oz 350 won't tire your arm, and the drag system can handle the hardest-fighting rainbows."<span>Editor at Outside Magazine</span>