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River Mug

Bitterroot: Blodgett Creek to Tucker Crossing

These one-of-a-kind, handcrafted mugs depict some of America's greatest trout streams. Thrown and fired in Montana by noted ceramicist, Matt Simms, recently featured in the Fly Fish Journal. The soda fired stoneware and porcelain mugs have accurate river stretches etched into the clay depicting some of Simms favorite floats on the river. With a protective glaze on the inside the outside is created with heat and fire from the kiln.

Choose from two Rivers with distinct personalities:

The Bitterroot River (Blodget Creek to Tucker Crossing): In the middle stretches of the Bitterroot River, it is hard to find water that a trout would not want to live in. This freestone is known for having classic river qualities that hold rainbow, brown and West Slope cutthroat trout.

Blackfoot River (Whitaker Bridge  to Johnsrud):The Blackfoot River was immortalized in the pages of  A River Runs Through It.  This stretch is known for being a protected corridor with no structures along the entire float. Large West Slope cutthroats, rainbows, brown, and bull trout can be found in the deep pools and pocket water along this stretch. 

About the Artist

Matt Simms has been an art teacher, fly fishing guide and ceramicist in Missoula, Montana for over 20 years. He focuses his atmospheric firings on combining the marks of the artist and the passage of fire over the clay to preserve that relationship.  Matt has fired his sculptural and utilitarian work in a wood kiln he built in Maxville, Montana, and at the Clay Studio of Missoula’s anagama and soda kilns. He earned a B.A. in Fine Arts from Lewis and Clark College after growing up in Colorado and Southern California. Matt’s work has been exhibited in Missoula and beyond, sold privately, and donated for auction.