July 21, 2020 1 min read

In case you missed it, here is a short video to help you get acquainted with each of our reel series!

Some key takeaways:

The PreLoad Series (0:10) is a great budget friendly reel that comes loaded with backing, weight forward floating fly line, and a leader, so it is ready to fish right out of the box. Whether you are new to fly fishing and looking for your first reel, or a seasoned angler and want a back up, the PreLoad is rigged and ready to go!

You will not be able to find a better reel than the Tyro (0:56) for under $200. When you pick up a Tyro, you will notice that it feels robust, hardy, and has a smooth and powerful drag. The Tyro is a reliable workhorse.

The Launch Series (1:26) was debuted in spring, 2020, but already has a hardcore following in fresh and saltwater. With unbelievable line retrieval speed and virtually no startup inertia, the Launch will be the smoothest, lightest reel you own. Angling Trade Media, the leading publication for fly fishing industry news, recently highlighted the Launch 350 in a gear review, where it received high praise.

Limitless Reels (3:01) have fully sealed Gasket Drag Systems and are made of aerospace-grade machined aluminum. With an oversized arbor, Limitless reels are extremely versatile because they can accommodate a range of line weights and more than enough backing. From trout to tuna, the Limitless is ready to take it on.