Warranty and Repair

Cheeky Fishing is proud to be an independent fishing manufacturer.  For our customers, this means excellent service all the time.  A big part of this customer service promise is having a simple and speedy Warranty and Repair Policy. Details on our policies are below, or you can submit a Warranty or Repair Claim here.

Please note: Cheeky will not accept any reels for Warranty or Repair unless a claim has been submitted first.  Reels that are sent to Cheeky without completing a Claim Form first will be returned.

Reel Registration

To register a newly purchased Cheeky Reel, please click here: Complete your Cheeky Reel Warranty Registration Here.

Warranty Policy

Cheeky Limitless, Launch and Tyro Reels carry a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner covering defects in materials or workmanship. Cheeky PreLoad Reels carry a limited one year warranty to the original owner covering defects in materials or workmanshipCheeky Fishing will repair or replace any Cheeky Reels under this warranty (the "Warranty") at no cost for parts or labor, and we promise to do so within just a few business days.  Cheeky has sole discretion as to whether a reel is covered under Warranty. 

Repair Policy

If your reel is not covered under our Warranty Policy, Cheeky Fishing will repair or replace it for a fee. Cheeky will provide you with a cost-estimate so that you can make an informed decision about repairing your reel.