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How To Write A Cheeky Product Review

Have you recently purchased an item on the Cheeky Fishing website? We would love it if you would consider writing a review!

Submitting a review takes less than 1 minute and does not require an account. All you have to do is find the product you purchased here (, locate the review section at the bottom of each product page, and submit a review! 


  • Ron Hanke

    I have the cheeky cydro 3500,I was impressed for the proformance and quality of such a very affordable reel.very smooth drag and bail performance.i would recommend this reel over a lot of more expensive reels.i give it 5 stars,I am a big fan of cheeky products.

  • Julie Keene

    Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Participants love the belts designed by Cheeky. We order them by the hundreds!!!

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