June 08, 2017 1 min read

Cheeky Limitless 375 Featured in Fly Fisherman Magazine

If you head down to your local newsstand, you may notice a familiar reel on the cover of Fly Fisherman Magazine, the Cheeky Limitless 375. In its Fly Fishing Made Easy issue, Fly Fisherman breaks down the details of targeting fish on the fly, the techniques for doing so and the advantages of different fly fishing gear and products currently available.
In the Gear Guide section, the two main aspects of focus for selecting a fly reel are arbor size and drag type. All of the reels in the Cheeky Limitless series feature an insane arbor size for maximized retrieval rate, as well as a Fully Sealed Gasket Drag System.
The editor of the magazine, Ross Purnell, selected the Cheeky Limitless 375 for the cover feature due to it's incredible performance and insanely smooth disk drag system, stating that the reel is “worth it when you have your dream fish on the line”!
With it’s GDS drag system, retrieval rate, line capacity and durable fully-machined frame, the Limitless series is built to handle the toughest fishing challenges you can find!

You can get yours today HERE.