December 21, 2023 2 min read

We sat down to chat with Massachusetts local & former Team USA Angler, Cheeky Ambassador, Cam Chioffi, on fly fishing, how he got into it, and what adventures he’s got lined up next.  


CF: First off, you’re a Mass local – are you from here originally?

Cam: I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado, but my family promptly moved to Massachusetts when I was young, and I grew up outside the city of Boston. I now spend a lot of my time here in Western Massachusetts guiding for the Harrison Brothers.


CF: How did you get into fishing? Did you start at a young age?

Cam: Fly fishing has been in my family for several generations, passed down by my father and grandfather.


CF: And how did you make fly fishing a career? You were the most decorated youth angler in the international competitive fly fishing circuit right?

Cam: I attended my first US Youth Fly Fishing Team Clinic in State College, PA, when I was 14, where mentors like George Daniels, Joe Humpreys, and Lance Wilt taught me the techniques of competitive fly fishing. Over the course of six years me and my teammates  competed in countries like Poland, Ireland, and Spain. After leaving Team USA in 2017 I turned my focus to guiding float trips for trout and pike on the phenomenal rivers nestled in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts.


CF: Where in the world are you right now?

Cam: I’m in Mexico guiding the striped Marlin run in San Carlos, with Los Locos Mag Bay.


CF: How did start fishing Cheeky Reels?

Cam: I first met Ted on the water, taking him fishing with the Harrison Anglers in the early days of Cheeky.


CF: Of course we have to ask, what is your favorite Cheeky reel?

Cam:  The reels you can typically find on my trout setups are the Sighter and Launch 350's. I  prefer the Limitless 425 and 475 for bigger game like pike, musky, and tarpon.


CF: What does the future look like for you?

Cam: I plan on working in Colorado during the summers and Mexico in the winters heading into the future – I also guide trips for Willowfly Anglers in Almont Colorado during the spring and fall.


CF: When you’re not fly fishing, what do you do?

Cam:  When I’m not on the river I love to be hunting Elk and Mule Deer, skiing, or ice fishing for lake trout.


 It is Cam’s mission to share his passion and knowledge for the sport, promote stewardship for our natural resources, and bring a fresh perspective to fly fishing.