May 26, 2017 1 min read

No matter how many years you've waited or how many hundreds of hours you've spent preparing, sometimes, the fishing trip of a lifetime simply doesn't go as planned. For the folks at TØRT Fly Fishing, their bucket list trip to New Zealand got off to a very rocky, or rather, rainy start. For two straight weeks, they were met with nothing but downpours that swelled the rivers and made the fishing beyond challenging. However, as it so often does, the weather broke on their final day, giving them one final opportunity to pursue the fish they traveled so far to catch.
This video is titled "Best Fly Fishing Day Ever", and after watching the 3 minute film it's hard to argue anything differently. The two friends reel in enormous trout after enormous trout, even doubling up at one point with two of the prettiest fish you'll find. You can't help but share their elation as they celebrate and admire their trophy catches. For the full viewing experience, turn on the English subtitles by clicking the "CC" button.
While you can never predict the weather on your next trip, one thing you don't have to leave up to chance is your fly reel. The Cheeky Limitless 375 is the ultimate fly reel for your New Zealand fly fishing trip. With its fully sealed and maintenance-free Gasket Drag System, and 3.75" diameter arbor, the Limitless 375 will ensure you always have the upper hand.