October 20, 2017 1 min read

With its white sand beaches and stunningly clear waters, the Seychelles is nothing short of a tropical paradise. However for anglers, this island chain has become far more than a picturesque getaway, it's THE destination in the world for a chance to hook a giant trevally, milkfish, permit, triggerfish, and bonefish on the fly. And that's precisely what the folks at Black Fly Eyes attempted in the film "Astove". 

The crew spent 6 days dredging and teasing for GT`s, fishing the flats for bonefish, poling the lagoon for permit, fishing from the cliffs and beach for triggers, and dodging sharks on the flats. The video is long, but the scenery and fishing are out of this world.

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A Week In The Seychelles Video

ASTOVE from Black Fly Eyes.