Cheeky Sighter 425 Spare Spool

Line Weight: 8-9 (Spare Spool designed to fit Sighter 425 only)

Targeted Species: Carp, Pike, Striped Bass, Muskie, Salmon, Steelhead, Redfish.

New Sighter Reels set the bar for versatility and value! How can one reel do so much? With a full cage frame design, the new Sighter is light enough for your standard weight rods, but is also at home with thin-line set ups and running lines found in popular Euro-nymph and switch/spey line configurations. With Cheeky's award-winning Rev Carbon Drag, this reel punches far above its weight class in the drag department. Plus, you can't find this kind of value and versatility for under $200 anywhere else. We are proud to add the all-new Sighter Fly Reels to the Cheeky lineup. 

The New Sighter 425 Spool is designed for pursing those beasts, brutes and behemoths that angling dreams are made of. The 4 and 1/4 inch diameter is plenty of room for larger line weights and can accommodate spey lines. At 7.9 ounces, the New Sighter, in rich cobalt and black, is your reliable reel for chasing true river monsters. A spare spool can help you quickly switch between lines and tactics to stay one step ahead of the fish. 


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