Fly Reel Design Features and Specifications

Cheeky Fishing has a decade of fly reel design experience. Setting them apart from the competition, all Cheeky Fly Reels feature an incredibly smooth and strong drag system, a revolutionary strength-to-weight ratio, a massive arbor design and unmatched backing capacity.




Limitless Fly Reels have set a new standard for performance and toughness. All Limitless Reels feature Cheeky’s innovative Gasket Drag System (GDS) and are fully sealed making them impenetrable by the elements. With 11 stacked carbon-fiber discs the GDS system delivers the smoothest drag on the planet. Limitless Reels are fully machined from high-grade aerospace aluminum, and incorporate a multi-axis machining technique that redistributes metal to key stress points, making Limitless Reels stronger without adding unnecessary weight. An integrated, yet replaceable, reel foot disperses torque throughout the frame during the toughest fights.  Rounding out the feature set, Limitless Reels offer unbeatable line capacity, an insane arbor size for maximum retrieval rate, and are some of the lightest and strongest fly reels available.




There is no other fly reel on the market boasting the Launch Fly Reel's incredible combination of arbor size, line capacity and light weight. All Launch Fly Reels are fully machined and incorporate a partially sealed Rev Carbon Drag System. The Rev Carbon Drag System features alternating carbon and stainless-steel discs providing stopping power, friction control, heat dissipation with an incredibly smooth startup. An integrated, yet replaceable reel foot disperses torque throughout the frame during the toughest fights The MAX Arbor provides industry leading line retrieval rates of up to 12.5” per revolution, while the fully-machined design ensures impressive rigidity, tolerances, and strength, without compromising on weight.






Tyro Fly Reels emphasize both unparalleled performance and incredible value. To accomplish this perfect balance, Cheeky paired the advantages of die-casting with the precision and finish qualities of CNC machining. Then, we incorporated the same Rev Carbon Drag System you will find in our Launch series all while keeping the Tyro at a fraction of the price. The Rev Carbon Drag System provides stopping power, friction control, heat dissipation and an incredibly smooth startup, while the die-cast frame and spool maximizes stability and durability to ensures your Tyro Reel will last a lifetime.





PreLoad Series

The PreLoad Fly Reel's die cast frame and body, coupled with CNC componentry and post-fabrication machining, make this reel the ideal choice for the angler needing a performance fly fishing reel without breaking the bank. Lightweight, durable, and known for its strong and smooth drag systems, Cheeky Fishing has delivered yet again with the PreLoad’s S-Power Drag System.  This system incorporates a stacked, alternating disc drag providing no detectable startup inertia and more than enough power to handle those toads. We've also gone one step further by taking the hassle, guesswork and expense out of rigging by preloading these fly reels with our specially designed backing, fly line and leader.




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Awards: Outside Magazine, Gear of the Year Award (only fly reel selected); Men’s Journal, Official Selection for Gear Lab edition (only fly reel selected); Fly Fish America, Editor’s Choice Award; Gear Institute, Highest Rated Fly Reel. Other awards and high praise from: Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod & Reel, Trout Magazine, The Drake, Angling International, Kayak Angler, This is Fly, Hatch Magazine, On The Water, and many more.


Specs & Backing Chart