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Giving Back this Holiday Season

1 Pound of Food for every order placed from 11/26 to 12/24

With every order you make this holiday season, Cheeky Fishing is giving one pound of food to help feed those less fortunate. We have partnered with the Berkshire Food Project in our hometown of North Adams, as well as the Missoula Food Bank near our Western Offices in Missoula, Montana, to deliver ham, turkey, and other holiday food to help feed our community. So every time you give the gift of Cheeky this Holiday Season, you are also giving the gift of a nutritious meal to the community.  We love fishing and we love to have fun, but most of all, we love giving back.

Happy Holidays!!

The shift in the northern Berkshires from an industrial to a service economy has rendered hundreds of local residents unemployed, underemployed, or at best, leashed to minimum-wage jobs with neither benefits nor security.  In this devastating situation, the inability of a growing segment of our fellow citizens to provide their families with nutritious meals, and the actual incidence of hunger, have become alarming.

The Berkshire Food Project seeks to alleviate hunger, food insecurity, and social isolation by serving healthy, no cost meals and connecting people to other resources, all in a dignified and respectful manner.


As our community has grown, so too has hunger, and because of the generosity of this community, Missoula Food Bank & Community Center has continued to address food insecurity in our neighborhoods with empathy, equity and dignity.  Our store program remains a safe and welcoming place for anyone in our community who may be in need of a little help with food.  Missoula Food Bank & Community Center began serving 100 families each month, we now provide over 7,000 monthly services, and last year we served 1 in 6 people in Missoula County.