Cheeky Launch Fly Reel Specifications

Cheeky Launch Fly Reel Specs
Launch Reels: There is no other fly reel on the market boasting the Launch's incredible combination of arbor size, line capacity and light weight. All Launch Fly Reels are fully machined and incorporate a partially sealed Rev Carbon Drag System. An integrated, yet replaceable reel foot disperses torque throughout the frame during the toughest fights. The Rev Carbon Drag System features alternating carbon and stainless steel discs providing stopping power, friction control, heat dissipation and an incredibly smooth startup. The MAX Arbor provides industry leading line retrieval rates of up to 12.5” per revolution, while the fully machined design ensures impressive rigidity, tolerances, and strength, without compromising on weight.

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Launch Fly Reel Specs
Launch Fly Reel Spec Chart
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All Cheeky Fly Reels come set up with Left Hand Retrieve. Need to change it over? Check out this quick tutorial here: 

With the purchase of your Cheeky Launch Fly Reel, not only do you have a sick reel headed your way, but 3% of your order value (sales, not profits) is being donated to water-based conservation organizations. The planet thanks you for the tip.... 

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