Cheeky PreLoad 2.0 Fly Reel Specifications

PreLoad 2.0 Reels: Introducing the New Cheeky PreLoad 2.0 Fly Reels, the perfect ready-rigged solution. Like its predecessor, the New PreLoad 2.0 comes rigged with plenty of Cheeky Premium 20-lb backing, an all-new green, floating, weight-forward fly line and a 9-foot leader. Just tie on a fly and you are ready to fish. The New PreLoad 2.0 comes in two colors, Lunar and Moonstone, and an updated frame featuring a CNC machined blade design which minimizes weight and strengthens structure. The PreLoad 2.0’s S-Power Drag System delivers a smooth, reliable disk drag. The New PreLoad 2.0 is available in large arbor 2-4, 5-6, and 7-8 weights.

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PreLoad 2.0 Fly Reel Specs:

All Cheeky Fly Reels come set up with Left Hand Retrieve. Need to change it over? Check out this quick tutorial here: 

*Note: the reel retrieve change for the PreLoad 2.0 is the same as the PreLoad. Follow the above video for easy-change instructions! 

With the purchase of your Cheeky Sighter Fly Reel, not only do you have a sick reel headed your way, but 3% of your order value (sales, not profits) is being donated to water-based conservation organizations. The planet thanks you for the tip.... 

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