Staff Picks

Ted (CEO)


Best Gift for Fly Fishing: ALL-DAY Freshwater Fly Line

“I was shopping for fly lines a couple of years ago. I was so surprised with how expensive and complicated fly lines had become. It became my mission to bring a high performance, affordable fly line to market for the everyday angler."

2022 Fish Quest: I want to swim with a giant tarpon.


Peter (CMO)

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: Limitless 475

 “I took the Limitless 475 to Key West This spring and it worked perfectly for tarpon. I especially appreciate the smooth transition from slack line to reel after the hook up. In my experience this is when most tarpon are lost. Being able to trust that it will be a smooth transition with the Limitless fully-sealed GDS disk drag is key. It helped me with one of the best tarpon trips I have ever had.”

2022 Fish Quest: I am heading back into the jungles of South America and hope to finally get an arowana.


Zach (Marketing) 

Best Fly Fishing Gift Idea: Launch 400 Triple Play

“I love the Launch 400 for its versatility. I am able to use it in fresh and salt water. With the triple play I have multiple lines rigged up on spools ready to go for easy conversion. I always remember to rinse the reel thoroughly if I use it in salt water.”

2022 Fish Quest: To feed a tailing redfish once again…I can’t get enough of those fish. 


Walker (Customer Service)


Best Gift for Fly Fishing: PreLoad 350

“I love teaching people to fly fish. The preload 350 is a great reel to get any new angler geared up. It comes pre spooled with backing fly line and leader, anything you need to get on the water.”

2022 Fish Quest: I really want to watch a cutthroat eat my dry fly on a Montana spring creek.


Sam (Fulfillment) 

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: Freshwater Tippet

“I have been using cheeky Tippet for my pursuit of big browns and have found it worthy of any fight. I caught this bruiser on 4x this Fall. It’s dependable and I love that we now make it from 0x-6x.”

2022 Fish Quest: I want to, finally, land a nice striper on my fly rod. I came close at the Schoolie tournament last year, but broke a big one off… not in 2022.


Scott (Sales Director) 

Best Fly Fishing Gift Idea: 750 Pliers

“I don’t go anywhere with out the 750 Pliers. I have them on my hip and ready to help. They cut even the sturdiest line like butter. Freshwater or salt it doesn’t matter. They make a great gift for any angler.”

2022 Fish Quest: My goal is to get to check Alaska off the bucket list.  Never been there.


Renee (Operations Director)

Best Fly Fishing Gift Idea: Cheeky Party Product

“I love the Cheeky Party products because I am an 80’s gal and love the retro look.  Taking it old school! The fish may not fear me, but I can party all night.”

2022 Fish Quest: I can’t wait to catch a fish in our home waters of Western Mass.