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Cheeky x Urban Anglers River Racket Net

AtCheeky, we believe in sustainable fishing. This comes in many forms, including tennis rackets. We are so excited to find a truly sustainable product that uses old tennis rackets as fishing net frames made right here in the USA. 

Urban Anglers USA developed their River Rat fishing nets out of legit tennis rackets re-threaded to hold quality rubber netting. The fiberglass frames are normally only found in high price fishing nets. By using old equipment that would normally end up as trash, they can offer superior strength and quality at a lower price. Sound like anyone you know? This is a very Cheeky concept.

We are pleased to offer the River Rat Fishing Nets to Cheeky customers in a collaboration amongst the like-minded. Act fast, we only have limited quantity. 

***Please note graphics will vary for each racket.***


  • Repurposed, sustainable product
  • 11″ Deep netting. Perfect for trout or bass, but can also wedge a big carp if needed
  • Each refurbished racket averages 28″ in total length
  • Original tennis racket graphics. Keeping it as old school as possible.
  • Re-sewn with quality rubber netting (clear or black) for catch and release ethical handling
  • Custom color paracord handle wraps for waterproof grip
  • Eyebolts and splitrings anchored into the handle to attach to fishing net lanyards
  • Comes with aCheeky hand lanyard
  • Repurposed in the USA
  • FREE Shipping