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The Ultimate Schoolie Waterproof "Lunch Box"

Since we know a thing or two about fishing for striped bass, we wanted to make it easy for you to feed the stripers this season. The Ultimate Schoolie "Lunch Box" takes the guesswork out of your striper fishing. This killer hand-selected assortment of our Team's top five flies for striped bass comes ready to fish in a waterproof Cheeky "Lunch Box." Whether you're fishing the Schoolie Tournament or just hitting the coast for fun, our double-sided foam fly storage panels will accommodate plenty of additional flies for your day on the water. We're proud to offer this perfect kit to conquer shallow water stripers from Maine to Maryland.

Flies :

  • Slammin' Deep Minnow (Size 1/0) -This fly can crush it in deeper water with a sleek profile and bead-chain eyes. This is a great one to throw into those deeper channels. 
  • Hoo Fly (Size 1) -A light sand eel pattern great for fishing the shallows for larger cruising fish. This is also a great all-around baitfish pattern to keep in your box. 
  • Mushmouth (Size 1) - Developed by Dave Skok, the Mushmouth is a stiffer general baitfish fly with a little bit of extra shine. It will keep its shape and imitate baitfish well.
  • Sand Eel Special (Size 2) - With a sleek epoxy head, this sand eel pattern can be fished shallow or deep with sinking lines. Sand eels get flushed in and out of channels with the tide and are a favorite food item of coastal stripers.
  • Midnight Mullet (Size 2/0)- Don’t let the name fool you, this pattern is an essential general baitfish fly to throw day or night. With larger eyes and a grizzly hackle tail, this can be fished any time of day and replicate peanut bunker, butterfish, and other coastal baitfish that Stripers love. 

*The color of the flies may vary between boxes* 

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