Staff Gift Picks

Ellen Wright - Marketing Manager

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: Limitless 425

Why:I love how versatile this reel is! Whether I'm fishing inland, or out on the coast, I know this reel can handle any fish I put on it (and it has!). I also love the bright blue & gold color combo - add some hot pink backing and it is one good-looking reel. 
2023 Adventure Goal:I've been getting into saltwater fishing and would love to experience a big Tarpon on the fly!

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: River Rat Racket Nets

Why: Not only does it look friggen sweet but it has enough space to fit a big a** fish. And they are recycled!
2023 Adventure Goal: I want to delve into the art of fly tying!

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: Launch 350

Why:  I think our Launch series of reels strikes a very unique balance of no compromises, high-end performance at a reasonable price.  The Launch 350 is fully machined with superb fit and finish, has a lifetime warranty, and will be any angler's go-to trout reel for years to come.  Hard to think of a better gift than that.
2023 Adventure Goal: My adventure goal for 2023 is to spend more time outside with the family!  I have three kids…twins that just turned two and a six year old.  My wife and I are excited to get out there and explore as a family. 

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: Sighter 425 

Why: I love this new reel for my Spey set up. The full-frame design is perfect for my slag it system. 
2023 Adventure Goal: To add 3 new fish species to my species list.

Renee Ridberg - Director of Operations

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: Cheeky Logo Hoodie

Why: I love how cozy this sweatshirt is, plus the logo is awesome - I wear it all the time!
2023 Adventure Goal: To take my girls to Europe since one is graduating high school (travel is always a goal!)

Walker Crisp - Dealer Support & Sales Associate Manager

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: Launch 325 Triple Play

Why: The Launch 325 Triple Play is my go-to set up! It allows me to switch from my euro setup to a dry fly rig with ease.  If you want versatility for trout fishing, then this is the reel setup for you!
2023 Adventure Goal: Steelhead with the spey rod

Emma Andrews - Warehouse Associate

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: Cheeky 20lb Premium Backing (Purple!)

Why: I love that Cheeky’s purple backing allows me to express my femininity out on the water
2023 Adventure Goal:I want to learn how to rig up my own reel

Jack Sine - Customer Service Associate

Best Gift for Fly Fishing: Sighter Triple Play

Why: My favorite Cheeky product is the highly versatile new Sighter Reel. On a recent fishing endeavor, my friends and I were having a ton of luck on our tight-line nymphing setups using various pheasant tails and tungsten prince nymphs. At about noon, the high sun and rising temperatures ignited an all out hatch of Green Drake Mayflies... Luckily, I had my spare spool with floating line and a long, tappered Cheeky Leader in my bag. I tied on a olive parachute, and the rest was history as my friends watched from the bank, wishing they had the versatile Sighter ready to play.
2023 Adventure Goal: A wild brown trout over 24" is my 2023 goal

Bowie Crisp - Ham & Logistics Coordinator

Best Gift for Fly Fishing [Dogs]: Holiday Dog Collar

Why: Because I'm waiting for Santa to bring me more ham and I want to impress Santa before he gets here. 
2023 Adventure Goal:To take more trips to the fridge for ham and get all the love from passing humans.